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How to use the message boards!

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To help you become familiar with our board format, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about posting on message boards for you first timers:

Q: What's with all the LOL's and ROTFL's?
A: Those are abbreviations. For example, LOL is "laughing out loud" and ROTFL is "rolling on the floor laughing". There are tons of abbreviations on the Internet, and if you hang around long enough, you'll learn most of them. If you can't wait, here is a list of some of the more common ones:

Q: Where can I find additional information about posting messages?
A: The message board Help Page is at "About Our Boards",10569,80313,00.html. You might also want to check out the "Rules of Play",10569,261673_81459-3,00.html.

Q: What is a CL?
A: A CL is a Community Leader, a person who monitors the board, greets new members, keeps the conversations flowing and interesting, and has agreed to follow iVillage's "Terms of Service" .

Q: Can I just jump in and reply to a message?
A: Sure!!! And if you run into any problems or have any questions, just let me know. You can ask them on the board, or e-mail me privately at

Q: Why hasn't my message showed up?
A: Depending on how many other people are posting on iVillage at the time, it may take a few seconds for it to appear. You may need to hit "refresh" on your browser to see it.

Q: Why are the messages moving around?
A: The messages with the newest replies are at the top of each folder. That way if someone replies to an old message, it doesn't get missed.

Q: Is there any way to remove all those red dots without going through all the replies?
A: The only way is to go in and view the very last reply of each message.

Q: How do I create a profile?
A: There is a link near the top of the page called "your profile". You must be logged in to see it.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask